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"He who is in harmony with himself, is in harmony with the Universe". -Marcus Aurelius


Be sure to see what classes are coming up and mark them on your calendar. We have to put in the work, we have to do the class to get the amazing benefits. But luckliy, when we practice together, it more enjoyable and powerful than when we practice alone. Regular practice has incredible cumulative benefits to mind, body and heart. Please practice often, listen to your body, and breathe mindfully.. Ujayii pranayama for life ;)

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Class Descriptions

Healing Yoga with Meditation

This class is ideal for those very stressed, extremely active, or whose bodies are limited in motion. This is a highly beneficial practice for those who desire an ultra-gentle practice, those with PTSD, anxiety, and for the elders. We remain on the mat the whole session with minimal moving around. We practice meditation throughout the session. Sun salutations are not offered in this class, it is mainly restorative/meditative. A small amount of Vedic Thai Energy Work (Also called assisted meditation) is offered as well, providing some energy healing.

The Natural Yoga Method

A style of yoga that emphasizes proper body alignment and posture, with mindfulness meditation interwoven throughout the longer held poses and organic flows, all connected with even breathing (ujayii pranayama) and balance of effort and freedom.

The Natural Yoga Method was founded in 2005 by Laura Harrison, the main instructor and owner of Enlighten. Her emphasis is on making the yoga mat a laboratory for the rest of life, creating strength, flexibility, freedom from self-consciousness and joy that reverberates throughout mind, body, heart and life. This is a functional practice: it is designed to benefit and raise your quality of life and to help you remove the obstacles within your mind and heart in order to live a life that you are excited to live.

In each class, listening to one's body is a rule. Each student is encouraged to listen to their body but to exert themselves fully into each pose, without impeding the graceful flow of breath to every cell in the body.. so not to the point of strain, but challenge nonetheless. Competition doesn't exist in yoga and practicing non-judgment with oneself and others is mandatory. More information on Laura's offerings is on our fitness and wellness page.

Beginner's Yoga

This is the class to begin with for those new to yoga or the natural yoga method. It teaches the foundation of alignment and instills it through movement. This retraining of the posture does take work, but it like proactive healthcare, it protects the health of the spine and body. We stay in more basic poses, but variations to make it more gentle or more moderate are offered. This is another good choice for those with PTSD or those who just prefer a gentler physical experience. There is more description of the mechanics of proper alignment, posture and weight distribution than in other classes. Warrior poses are not offered typically in this practice.

Natural Yoga Method (gentle/moderate)

This class allows a range of levels, offering gentlest and more moderate variations to allow each student to strengthen and open at their own level. This class is challenging, but as always, allows and urges the student to honor the wisdom and truth of the body. After the Beginner's practice to lay a foundation, this is the class where most people tend to find their home.

Natural Yoga Method (moderate/fitness)

This practice is ideal for those with some natural yoga method experience, as it is more physically challenging. Still, modification and listening to the body is allowed and urged. We both strengthen and relax the body with many variations offered to bridge the moderate to strengthening levels of physical practice. It is as full of a practice as can fit happily into an hour and a half.

Natural Yoga Method (fitness/strength)

This practice is best for those with some natural yoga method experience, as it is more physically challenging. Still, modification and listening to the body is allowed and urged. In this class we celebrate the peak of the week with an invigorating and through class experience. It is as full of a practice as can fit happily into an hour and a half. We may use some pretty upbeat music in this class.. think Regina Spektor, Radiohead and so on. ;) We work hard and relax hard too.

Happy Hour

This joyfully closing to the week is offered on the vigorous side of all levels, but is spontaneous.. which means the ambient energy is the guide..it could be restorative one week and very challenging the next. But all students are welcomed and the class will be an offering in the moment to the benefit of all in attendance. This class is meant to mark the shift in energy between weekday and weekend and as all classes at enlighten are, but maybe a little moreso, it is a celebration of life and our own resilience. We tend to play a lively playlist.. a little rock and soul with our yoga to break in the weekend right!

Yoga Bellydance

This is the only class that is just for women. A completely feminine practice of strength and freedom that allows us to balance our energies, and to allow our female grace and beauty, and our individuality, to shine. We start with some basic bellydancing movements and isolations to warm and strengthen, then we move into natural, creative, unregulated movements- just dancing from your heart. This practice melts tightness and self-consciousness and reuinites mind and body as much as yoga asanas, and maybe more. A beautiful, liberating, toning, invigorating experience. Actually a fantasic practice for fertility: bellydance was orignially about female bonding and strengthening the body for healthy conception and pregnancy. If you are experienced and have your doctor's consent, you can practice bellydance throughout your pregnancy until very close to the end, you'll know when!

Family Class

This playful yoga class is all about fun. We cultivate body and emotional awareness and acceptance, cooperation, connection and awareness of others. We may dance, hula hoop, create, sing, or imagine.. in addition to team and individual yoga poses. Ideal for kids aged 4-10, and their favorite grown-ups or older siblings. We break the practice down to smaller portions to make it easier for little people to enjoy. We don't charge for the kiddos, just $12 for the family. Be ready to laugh and let go of lots of heavy worries and other junk. :D

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ongoing weekly schedule


3/4-5:30p- private session by appt w/Laura
5:30p- Beginner's Yoga
7-8p- Yoga Bellydance (All levels)


9:30a- Family Class (All Levels- kids welcomed) [Laura/Mike]

11/12- private session by appt w/Laura
1p- private session by appt w/Laura
3:45-5p natural yoga method (GENTLE/moderate)
5-6:30p private session by appt w/Laura
6:45-8p- natural yoga method (gentle/MODERATE)


6-8a- private session by appt w/Laura
8-10a- private session by appt w/Laura
10-11:15a- natural yoga method (gentle/moderate)

12-2pm- private session by appt w/Laura
3-5pm- private session by appt w/ Laura
5:30-7pm- natural yoga method- (fitness)
7-8p- healing yoga with meditation (restorative)


5:30-6:30p- Kids/Family Yoga** ONCE A MONTH see home page for dates


12noon with Dori

3pm Private session by appt w/Laura
5:30p-7:00pm Happy Hour! Open level Practice ~ natural yoga method

Monthly Satsang Event- $20
Swing Dance~Kirtan~Satsang (see home page for dates)
7-8:30pm kirtan
8:30-10pm Swing dancing lesson & open dancing
10pm BYOV (bring your own veggies) "Cocktail hour" (juicing),
vegan potluck, and enjoyable, inspiring conversation!

Happy Hour practice is a great way to close the week and begin the weekend fresh!


9-10:30am- natural yoga method (moderate/fitness)

11-1pm Healthy Cooking & Living workshop/ Private session by appt with Laura Check our home page for special cooking classes & workshop info, guests or kirtans on Saturdays...


11:30am- meditation with Dori- Coming in November
12:15- yoga with Dori- Coming in November


per class: $12

10 class card: $90
*lasts for 12 weeks

monthly unlimited pass: $108
*lasts for 4 weeks-
best for those taking 3+ classes per week


Seniors, Amsterdam YMCA members, students: $7 per class
(($5 for the month of August!!))

We have 2 slots open free for veterans who have served our country.. thank you for your sacrifice!

**To All: If you honestly cannot afford our regular rates, but really want to practice yoga, please reach out. We can approve donation-based payment or payment plans for group classes and private sessions. It is most important to us that all who wish to practice receive.


*MOST classes taught by Laura unless indicated/cards & packages are good for Laura's classes only
*no refunds are given, credit may be issued at instructor's discretion


per 90+ minute session: $95

First time intro to Natural Yoga Method/intro to yoga: $65

3 sessions: $240
*lasts 9 weeks

Pay with credit card:

small processing fee added.

ten classes with Laura

3 in-studio private lessons with Laura

Gift Certicate: 5 for $55 (Group Classes with Laura)